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Beginner’s Guide to I Do, Part 3: Changing Your Wedding Venue Four Months Out

I had more great findings to share with everyone this month, but they will have to wait. Instead, I’ll share a circumstance in which Future Hubs and I found ourselves–one that they say we’ll laugh about years from now, but that we haven’t found funny quite yet. With less than five months until our big day, our original wedding venue ceased to exist. We had... Read Article

Car Shopping Tips from a Former Car Salesman

Car shopping—do you love it or dread it? If you’re like most shoppers, you might find wading through all the makes, models, options and pricing a complicated process. “Buying a new car can be scary, aggravating, expensive, time consuming, confusing—in short, a downright pain,” said Joel Grey, a former car salesperson who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After helping hundreds of people over the past 15... Read Article

Ask ERIE: Whose Insurance Pays When Your Friend Crashes Your Car?

Auto insurance typically follows the car rather than the driver. This means that your insurance will likely pay if your friend crashes your car. There are two exceptions. The first is when the damage and/or injuries exceed the available limits on your policy. In this instance, it’s possible that your friend’s insurance would kick in to cover the outstanding balance. Another exception can occur when... Read Article

Quiz: Were These Coverage Requests For Real?

Get Started! Your Score:   Your Ranking:   Read the full story from Erie Insurance: "Quiz: Were These Coverage Requests For Real?"... Read Article

Infographic: Love Your Pet Day

Read the full story from Erie Insurance: "Infographic: Love Your Pet Day"... Read Article

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